A Dangerous Territory


The mind, a dangerous territory.

With  many dark tunnels of guilt and regret 

You can easily get lost, but enter you must.

To find happiness.

In the darkness you will find veins of memories,

Containing diamonds of love and nuggets of joy.

Though these are of great value you must go deeper.

As you clear the rubble of past relationships 

And the debris of many shattered dream,

You begin to notice larger diamonds and nuggets.

You quicken your pace.

Looking ahead you notice a glow,

Could this be it , the happiness you sought. 

Rounding the bend the glow becomes brighter.

You step into the light.



6 thoughts on “A Dangerous Territory

  1. This reminds me of our retreat on my last year in college where we were instructed to have a communion with the Holy Spirit, and during that activity, I found myself walking inside a maze, running desperately looking for my way out, and then suddenly I found an opening towards a wide meadow with the sun shining so bright, and across the meadow, I ran into the arms of a man shining so bright, I could not see His face, but when I was in His embrace, I felt I belong. It is an experience that even through the years, faced with so many difficulties in life, can always give me strength and hope.

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