The Magic Passport

A passport, like Aladdin’s  magic carpet,

Allows one  to travel the earth.

To young to be on your own, can’t afford the fare,

There is another passport that can take you anywhere

The passport of the imagination,

Where will you travel with that?

So buckle up, start your Imagination, blastoff,

And enjoy the flight on a first class adventure,

you have a passport too wherever or whatever.

Your first stop, Whereverland. Full of

mysterious destinations or places well known.

To outer space to walk on the moon

To the depth of ocean or a blue lagoon.

From the bottom of  the Grand Canyon

to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

to Holland to see the Tulips flower

From snow caped Everest to a  sunny Maui beach,

All of these place and within your reach.

If you grow tired of travel or want to stay put, 

your next destination should be whateverland,

where you can do it.

Perhaps a writer with a blog of renown,

or farmer sowing, putting seed into the ground.

Maybe a Matador with danger to spare,

or a doctor dressed in Snoopy scrubs,

showing a child that they care.

Maybe a hero, a fireman, a policeman a mother,

who if required, would give their life for another.

An explorer in Egypt, along the Nile,

or an actress on stage making people smile.

When you grow tired and want the adventure to end,

there is always tomorrow, you can come back again.

So keep in near and cherish it dear this magic passport,

throughout your life it will be always be your friend.

Now how do I know this  passport will work?

I just had mine stamped when I finish this verse.




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