To Unravel the Mystery of the Heart


To Unravel the mystery of the heart,                                                         Where to begin, where to start.

Only for beating to keep us alive,                                                                     Is this the only use, so that we may survive?

Or does it go deeper more mysterious still,
depending on our thought that we choose to fill.
Thoughts that are hateful, hurting and dark,
Bleak, fear filled, macabre and stark.
These are the thoughts that wither instead
As it slowly succumb to living with dread.
Thoughts of love on the other hand,
A happy heart will grow and begin to expand.
Joy for you and so many others too
Smiling and sharing and loving so true.
Does this solve the mystery of human heart,
Or is it more than beating, hatred, love, maybe smart?
Perhaps it can listen, and continue to grow,
Learning other mysteries as it comes to know.


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