Help Wanted: A god




The heart currently has an opening for a god!
This is an equal opportunity position open to all.
Must be able to love unconditionally 
Must understand the concepts of right and wrong but be fully aware 
that wrongs are only mistakes and mistakes lead to growth 
Additionally, there is no record keeping of these mistakes required.
Have exceptional listening skills and can be trusted with sensitive information.
The primary responsibilities are to assist in;
developing  a complete understanding of unconditional love.
Implement this unconditional love in all life’s situations.
Must be able to allow the opportunity to explore other’s gods
without being offended.
Teach the appreciation of the world as well as all that inhabitat it.
Build a strong sense of gratitude for this world and the ability to express it.
This is a full time position requiring around the clock availability 
Benefits include but are not limited to;
Extensive travel, seeing many wonderful site, meeting interesting people and
a no layoff clause.
If you feel you are a  god with the ability to take on this demanding position
please apply within.

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