Self Help



The number of self help books, teacher, and masters is staggering. How can you look to the self for help when it is this self that is causing all of you problems?

21 thoughts on “Self Help

    1. It is the that which we are within the self where the help lays. The self is the entire compilation of everything we’ve been told about who we are, everything that we have experienced because of who we think we are, and the perception of the world around us base on who we think the self is.

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      1. Well said Mr Mel. What I am trying to say – Let me take an analogy- some are born leader, some achieve leadership – similarly some of our self is self sufficient and some time we need directional help just like a light house which just guides us when the ship is lost.

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    1. Great comment! Very true the self controls the self however it is also the self that puts one in a position to need help. Self is a perception, it is this perception that says that what you are experiencing is real. Without self there is life lived fully. 👍


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