10 thoughts on “Destination

  1. But sometimes when you don’t know where where is,the journey becomes all the more adventurous and fun instead of the straight lane we tend to take when we know where where is..we might even stumble upon someplace that is better than the predestined destination

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    1. I agree that one doesn’t always need to go in a straight (or shortest) line, and one may not even need to know exactly what ‘where’ is called by or what form it might take … And yet, I do think that it is a pretty good thing to know where ‘where’ is–in concept, in dream, in vague understanding. And … yes, the Journey is part of the destination, that’s for sure.

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    2. Where is where you are now. If you are happy with where you are you have arrived. If happiness is elusive then you are not where you want to be. So you will continue to search. This is the journey some find great adventure in while others, great trials or a combination of these.

      Thank you for a great comment

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  2. One of those “duh!” things that nonetheless leave many people scratching their heads through decades of white knuckled and heels-dragging-on-the-ground protest, and leave others standing still waiting for Scotty to beam them up … (and then there are all those who refuse to ask for directions or insist to reinvent all wheels …). So yeah, people are complicated enough … knowing where ‘where’ is, sure helps!

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    1. All the signs point to where where is but so many choose the side paths or worse yet, quit looking. Unfortunately Scotty is no help, but there are many who would gladly tell you how to get to where where is. Thinking they are where where is they try to give guidance. But where you want to go may not be where they are.

      Thanks for a wonderful comment.


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