7 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. I don’t know much about meditation. I must look into it. But this makes sense. Sitting quietly watching my birds helps me. I’m not sure if that’s meditation. I do know I can’t really relax, be emptied, with my mind filled with so many other thoughts. Hmmm … you again have given me something to think about. Thanks, Mel

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    1. Watching your chickens, feeling the sand as you walk the beach bare footed, hearing the laughter of children or smelling the fragrance of a rose, these are moments of meditation. Meditation is the gift your heart give to you mind when it is overwhelmed with living.


  2. So true! I had a great meditation this morning out on a rock in my yard. One side of my body was in the heat of the sun, the other in a shadow of breeze. It reminded me of such a dichotomy! Thank you for putting this experience into succinct words for me. 🙂

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