16 thoughts on “Life is Complete

  1. Indeed, health is wealth and one that money cannot really buy. It is all too often taken for granted when in reality one can be as rich as can be … and still, without health, all that wealth means little.

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  2. I read this and thought … yes … well said. Then I re-read it, and re-read it. Each section brings out times in my life when this was exactly true. I read it again, and I think of more examples. Mel, you are making me think, remember, ponder, consider, and understand … all within twelve words. You are amazing !!! Jan

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    1. Jan, thank you for your kind words. I only wish I could take credit. I am only a scribe for that which is. My only talent, a talent that has taken a life time to aquire, is I listen.
      Thank you for visiting.


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