12 thoughts on “Loss

  1. Our life will not stop in loss of other people, we have to keep going on, and resist in it. In other words , this is life with one hand it gives and with the other it takes. Well written, Mr Mel🙂

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  2. You should probably just go ahead and put your name under that quote…. Because that is how it is going to appear all over the internet and on mindful trinkets, etc.

    This quote is so powerful and true. It is a very real reminder to everyone who has experienced the feeling of not knowing what they had until they lost it To take the time to know what they have before it is gone. The kind of quote so many people will want to read on a regular basis as a reminder of all the reasons they are living.

    So go ahead, write your name under it, and just get used to the world saying, pulling inspiration from, and living by the words you have said. Years down the road you can stop by my page and say, “Well I’ll be Dao, you were right, people really did end up quoting the lines that I said.” And I will say, “Quoting?! They lived by the words you wrote Mr. Mel.”

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    1. Wow, I never consider anything I write being useful to any one but me. In the future I will include my my name. Thank you for taking the time to write this, these lines mean a great deal to me, they are very encouraging. Thank once again.
      P.S. Check it out now.

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