16 thoughts on “Existence

  1. I know two good reasons I know. One: the love, respect, and gift of safety you gave to your students you transported to and from school. Two: The many lives you’ve touched with your inspiring and thought provoking posts. You, I am sure have changed those lives for the better. I know, I am one of them. Jan

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  2. I’m not sure I know why I exist, or if I ever will know. I most certainly don’t know why you exist. Maybe we all exist for different reasons; but if we are all one, we all exist for the same reason(s). So if I ever figure it out, I may also know why you exist.
    But I know that I do exist! And so do you, and I am so thankful to both.
    I try not to get too worked up in the why’s of things I may never know and just enjoy the fruits of my existence.
    Besides, if you think about it too long, you consider the possibility that you don’t exist at all; some parallel universe or a dream inside a dream of some other existence. That is a scary thought.
    So for now, I think I will just exist.

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  3. I as well as all exist to live life fully. To rediscover our perfection, to give and receive unconditional love, to delight in all of our humanity and to assist others on their earthly journey. To be, not do!


  4. Sometimes, I asked myself the same thing… What’s the point in living? Why do I exist? It makes you find your ultimate purpose in life and I’m still on the verge of finding mine.

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    1. You have no reason to exist. You are here to live. Living is understanding that you are the results of you choices. In choosing you are free to be that which you are. No requirement, no penalties, no regrets only freedom to be what you choose.

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