15 thoughts on “Grief and Joy

  1. I have lived this truth for the past six years, having lost my father, mother, sister, and grandmother … all between 2011 and 2016. Terrific grief … and complete joy as I’ve been the remaining sister who has had the extreme privilege to go through all the letters, keepsakes, and surprise findings at the home place. I have been so very blessed by this mixture of grief and joy. No truer words than those you wrote, Mel. Thank you for reminding me how blessed I have been … and yes … life and living is a precious gift from God. Amen


  2. When we are happy, we don’t know how many blessings we are in but when we lost it we will know the meaning of joy. That’s life in one hand it gives and with the other it takes, great Mr Mel ! 🙂

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