Anxiety starts as a thought and will only end with a thought.
A small child hears from a parent, a teacher or a preacher.
You are lazy, you are stupid, you are going to hell.
These thoughts once planted are the seeds of anxiety.
Taking years to bloom, they burst forth.
Feelings of self loathing, inadequacy, and of being unlovable. 
One day you find yourself laying on the bathroom floor in a fetal position.
What is happening? why am I feeling this way? Frightened! 
The feelings passes, you have had your first anxiety attack! 
And it is an attack, an attack on your very being.
You are now at war with yourself.
The thoughts return again and again, life in unbearable. 
You rally your defenses, seeking help from allies
You turn to the very people who planted the seeds
And a new one, the medical professionals.
Their diagnosis, ANXIETY!
Here take these, you will feel better.
Though they do provide some relief they don’t cure.
Hopelessly you shout, I am not crazy.
All the time withdrawing from the world.
Then from nowhere you hear, think!
You are not unlovable, you are only unaware of being loved.
You are not inadequate, you are only unaware of your accomplishments.
You are not going to hell, you are there now. It is up to you to fight your way out.
So it begins, the attacks continue but you are coming to your defense.
You boldly question what you are feeling, confronting those feelings.
Counter attacking the false feeling with your new reality. 
As your fight continues you realize you have a protective shield.
A shield that deflect once harmful thoughts. 
The shield? The thought of self worth. You are free!
Anxiety start as a thought and will only end with a thought.
mr. mel

8 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. Anxiety can be crippling but you’re right, it all starts with a thought. If we take control of our thoughts then we can determine what affects us and what does not. What is significant and what isn’t. What is real and what is false. Thanks for sharing Mr. Mel!

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  2. Thank you Jan. I composed this post in about 20 minutes. It seem to write itself. I think many others have had anxiety issues that they have also overcome. These type of post are the most helpful, possibly providing encouragement to others. Thank you for visiting and commenting.


  3. I understand … it is powerful to see words write themselves as the cursor continues on it’s way. Yes, you have touched an area so many of us can relate to … if not our own lives, the lives of loved ones. Thank you and Bless you for sharing !! Jan

    PS: Try this again … just let your thoughts fly … it is the cheapest therapy !!


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