23 thoughts on “Silence

  1. I need something between silence and speaking … I speak before I should … what is a good failsafe way other than a muzzle, to think about the consequences before I open my mouth? I am asking sincerely. Can you help me, Mel?

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    1. Jan, I see in your writing a heart that has had the opportunity to experience silence. It may be just a millisecond, to quick for you to notice, but there. Just become aware of that silence and expand on it. Thank you for visiting.

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  2. Have you tried Silent Saturdays… or any variation of it yet? While I would love to go on a full on vow of silence, to many people need my words right now. But Silent Saturdays have always been great for me…. I learn more in one day by keeping my mouth shut than I do the rest of the week…. A real treat!

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    1. My mornings are the time for silence. It is at this time that my heart speaks. A time when there is no separation of that which I think I am and that which I am. When the flow of life is felt throughout my being. The thoughts are of gratitude, joy and wonder at the magnificent that is life. One full day maybe more that I could handle. Thank daodeqi for commenting.

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    1. Thank you Nessa, my verse are for those who feel that they don’t have enough time. Hopefully in its shortness there may be a spark to ignite a desire to live life more fully. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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