21 thoughts on “Not Guilty

  1. Wow, Mel … you are really hitting me where I live today.
    Without guilt, I would love myself more.
    Without guilt, I would not have wasted so many minutes, hours, and days in self-recrimination.
    Without guilt, my relationships with family may have been better.
    Without guilt, letting go would not be such a hard thing to do.

    This reply surprises me … I’ve never ever thought about guilt in this way. Thanks, Mel … you always make me think. Jan

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    1. Jan, what you are saying is that without guilt you would be unconditionally loving. That is what life is about, being unconditionally loving. We all have moments when we do feel we are loving unconditionally. That’s the moment that the heart is in a state of ecstasy, a moment that your entire being glows. Unconditional love is what you are! Be that which you are!

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    1. Guilt in a consequence of a perceived improper action. This action, if label a mistake, would not create guilty feelings and accomplished the same result, not repeating that action. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment.

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  2. Interesting questions. An existence without guilt would make for a cold, selfish and heartless place. A world where everyone did whatever they wanted without regard for each other is a very scary place.

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    1. Would it. What if there was nothing to feel guilty about? True, guilt does maintain some semblance of order but it also causes great harm. What you feel guilty about may be a reason to give thanks by other. It is when you understand that guilt is only a concept, created by each of us, that guilt become an ally not the enemy we think. Thank you for visiting Cherylene, use guilt to lift your spirits not to condemn it.

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  3. Psychopaths often feel no shame, no guilt. Without empathy, there is no guilt. Quite a lot of them around, sadly enough. Personally, I can’t imagine being without empathy (or the ability to reflect on things I might’ve done differently or that require a sincere apology or repair a mishap or misunderstanding, intentional or not). I’d wilt within the hour, me thinks.

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  4. I try to let guilt pass through me and not let it anchor me. I try to forgive myself. Sometimes I feel that I am too easy on myself but guilt, I think, is a waste of energy. Sometimes I do things that I know I shouldn’t (or don’t do things I know I should) that’s when I feel the guilt but let it go. Sometimes guilt for long past mistakes rears its ugly head, but it is silly to feel guilty about doing something that I did not know better than to do when I did it. I think the world would be more mindful and in the present if they let go of the past and lived with intention in the moment. Just my thoughts. Good question!


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