20 thoughts on “Journey

      1. Thank you Cherylene, I do appreciate you comments. I still cannot leave comments on your wonderful post. I tried the phone, Ipad and computer. Do you have problems with any others when they comment?

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      2. I’m sorry that you’re still having problems. Sometimes I get your comments so I just assumed it was okay. Hussein said he was experiencing problems also. It seems it comes and goes. I have actually had problems commenting on some blogs as well and found that my comments weren’t going through until I logged off and logged back in. I will have to follow up with the engineers again.


      3. Awww thank you Mr. Mel. Sorry for the stress of it all. Hopefully it gets sorted out more sooner than later. It’s good to have your support. Thank you!


  1. I know a little bit about where I am … but I have so much more to learn … I have so much more growing up to do … but … I’m puffing up that hill … like the little train … “I think I can … I think I can … I think I can!” Thanks Mel, for your daily inspiration … I always look forward to your posts !!! jan


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