It’s not your fault, but it is your problem.

I thought this was a well written message that is full of insight.


“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.”

– Serenity Prayer, Reinhold Niebuhr, 1934

These words have woven themselves into popular culture, thanks in large part to their inclusion in the liturgy of Alcoholics Anonymous. The prayer wasn’t written for AA, but it fits so perfectly that it could have been.

A person dealing with addiction lives on the boundary between that which is innate and that which is personal choice. No one chooses to have the impulse, but there are thousands of choices any of us can make that stack the deck to influence whether that impulse is likely to win or lose.

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12 thoughts on “It’s not your fault, but it is your problem.

  1. Mr. Mel thank you for this reblog. It was absolutely wonderful. Such inspiring, honest words. Everything about this resonated and I hope more people read this and agree. I’m thinking of reblogging this myself!


  2. Thank you, Mel, for leading me to this post. I appreciated his reminders of the wisdom of the Serenity Prayer and the powerful influence people in those rooms can have on others. I have been in those rooms and have found the people honest, spiritual, and accepting. Thank You, Mel, for sharing. Jan


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