26 thoughts on “The Body

      1. Thank you so much Shayra, I feel honored however I will have to respectfully decline this nomination. I am still to new to bloggomg to know quite what I am doing yet. Thank you again for considering me.


      2. It’s Okk ,I’m also new here .I try to read blog post of my fellow Blogger as much I can .I Just want that all writers who write beautiful and work hard should be rewarded.Its just a way to thanks to them as they do for me by nominating.

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      3. This comment means more to me than the award would. You, as I, know that in exposing the heart through our writings we are very appreciative of knowing that someone has found them worthy of reading. Thank you again.


    1. Thank you Jan, your comments are also an inspiration to me. Correct, it remains a part of you and you are continually polishing it. Thank you for visiting.


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