29 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. Hmmm … have patience so my thinking can catch up with me? with others? I do tend to skip ahead in a conversation and be ready for another question or response before the speaker has finished speaking !! I’m gonna give this post a ponder … it’s deep … maybe I’ll see the light … if I just think … OH … be patient when I’m thinking … I will eventually get it !!?? Is that it, Mel? jan

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  2. This one is so appropriate for me. Since I was diagnosed with epilepsy I am always fighting to think faster than I am currently able to. This is a good reminder to give myself a break. Thanks for the great idea!

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    1. Linda I read this and give thanks. Your wonderful stories are what life is about. In sharing them you send a very clear message. Don’t let anything stop you. Thank you my dear for you commenting.

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