41 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Oh my Goodness Gracious, Mel … SO TRUE … and so what I need to remember ALWAYS … I get so into my gardening, weeding, tweaking, and adjusting this time of year … I work to exhaustion and fail to be still and enjoy the works of my labors. THANK YOU for this reminder to me to BE STILL. As always, your writing is beyond inspirational !! jan

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    1. Jan, there is a difference between busyness and being busy. Your gardening is being busy but I would bet there is a great deal of stillness involved. Busyness allows no time for stillness.πŸŒΏπŸŒ±πŸ’πŸ˜˜

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      1. Yep … sometimes I just stand there … or sit on a nearby chair and I’m planning what might go well next in my garden design. I see what you mean by the difference between busyness and being busy. Very true !! thanks, Mel. jan

        I wish I knew how to put the smiley faces here on posts ?? Oh well … that’s a venture for another time.

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    1. In my conversation with them they told me they are very sensitive to having their picture taken. But they did give me the power to capture their image in my imagination. But you have been doing this already.πŸ„πŸ₯€

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    1. Thank you Linda. As I said to Roda, I did have a conversation with what may have been the Supreme Fairy. I am assuming this do too the fact that the others stayed shelter behind her. It was at this time I was told that fairies are very sensitive about being photographed. I hope to continue the conversation at a later time to learn why. The powers that Roda bestowed on me seem to be working.

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      1. Oh Mel, you have many more powers beyond that. My dragons think you are awesome and one of them told me they wished they had a chance to ride on top of your school bus! Obviously, he’s my lazy dragon!


      2. You didn’t just say that, did you? Oh my word, you have me laughing and I am an avowed “never laugh at puns” person. You’d know why if you ever met my husband. He’s the worst punster in the history of the universe!

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      1. Ok … Ok … Ok … you are absolutely right … I found it … but guess what … it is on my pad thingy … but I have this leather case thingy with a stand and an attached keyboard that I use like a regular keyboard … you know … I like to type … you know … touch type … so … this keyboard has no smiley face button … BUMMER … AGAIN !!! I just will have to get another one that has that button … I guess … but I am so used to this keyboard now ……. yada … yada … I’ll just enjoy yours. : ) Thanks, Mel … you try to keep me straight … see … I’m a handful !!! : ) jan

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