20 thoughts on “Outlook and Insight

    1. Thank you Karen, I just listen. What I write is to make others think, I don’t have the talent or desire to write wonderful post such as yours. The amazing thing is, that as I do read yours and others, I think and listen and write. Thank you assisting me.πŸ’

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  1. What a sweet building attached to the lighthouse. It reminds me of a small white chapel. Lovely.
    The insight … the perception of my reality these past weeks is that I’m slipping away from the me I want to be … the me that loves and is full of life.
    The outlook … the reality … is that my me is fighting battles unnecessary to fight. My me is sad over losses that are miniscule in what truly is the state of my me. Does this make sense? Have I got it all backwards? I feel backwards, depleted, and defeated. But enough about me … Your calling … your writing … your wisdom lifts so many of us into realms of thinking that pull us upwards and over self-made barriers.
    Thank you, Mel, my friend. jan

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    1. That sweet little building is the keepers work room. This is where they would try to stay awake. Jan I have just responded to a comment you made on another post of mine. Read that, think about it then email me. Your friend mel.

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    1. As you had said, “I am human”, as such you are like others, including me. We are taught to relie on our perceptions, perceptions become our reality, around and around we go, until we don’t. 🌹😘

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