14 thoughts on “Choice

    1. True, you may not have had any choice in what has come to you but you do have the choice on what you will do because of it. Judging by what I see you have chosen to make the best of it. 🌹🌺🌈


      1. Pity it does not work for my family members. But today for the first time, I made the choice of walking away from a father who does not love me and a political pair of siblings who has done nothing but hurt me. This time for the first time, I want to put self first. Thanks for letting me vent. It has been a very hard day for me today😒


      2. Hugs, vent anytime you wish, you have many who know you through your blog who are happy to be there for you. The choice to put your self first is the first step toward complete unselfishness. Only in your happiness can happiness for others be known. This experience can be like untethering the heart so that it may now soar. Many hugs to you my dear.πŸ’πŸŒΊπŸŒΉβ€οΈ


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