26 thoughts on “Hate

  1. Truth! Some – especially in recent years – confuse critic and any measure questioning of one’s views or deeds, with hate. While of course there can be a way to criticize that is hateful, there are also ways to offer critic, to question, and to present opposing views, which do not come from nor include hate.
    Granted, sometimes (and perhaps for some more than for others) discerning whether one is merely disagreed with or is hated, can be difficult. Especially when the questioned feels hated by the mere reality of being questioned, or is told that to ask or disagree is to ‘be a hater.’ For my part, like you, I believe that hate isn’t helpful. I also believe discussion is. If we can keep respectful while presenting varied views and what may appear to be opposing opinions, we’ll have half the battles already won. Cheers! Na’ama

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  2. Difficult to disagree with this! Thank you πŸ™‚ The problem is that most of us are not in control of our emotions, such that a little annoyance or dislike tends to get bigger and can turn into anger and hatred before we even are aware of it. Then we are stuck with hatred, because most of us are not able to remove hatred inside just like that. (It is possible to remove hatred and anger with meditation, but it takes training.)

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    1. I agree, meditation is the second step in taking back control of your emotions. The first is to recognize you are out of control. Thank you for the visit and commenting. πŸ™β€


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