10 thoughts on “Sincerity

  1. For me, I’d say sometimes. For some others, I’d say, probably more times than is reasonable they did not get what they sincerely desired … Life is complicated and there are many whose lives are at a disadvantage for even the most basic sincere desires: enough food, healthy children, basic safety, decent shelter, even life. …

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    1. Great comment. True there are many to busy trying to stay alive to have desires. However there are many who have been in this situation and had a desire to better themselves. Starting with a desire they have sincerely made the effort to bring them to fruition. πŸ™β€

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    1. Are you sure? A sincere desire is not a wish, it is not a prayer, it is not hoping. A sincere desire is focus, coupled with effort. Just as sure as you have the desire you will bring to you that which you desire. πŸ™β€


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