Conquering the mountain of life

I set out with resolve, assured and self confident, not knowing what I didn’t know, this mountain has defeat many before. It will be a difficult climb. But climb, I must.

Stepping out unguided and naive the climb begins.

I mistakenly take many wrong paths because they looks easy. Discouraged  and fighting the desire to give up, I struggle on 

I run into storms of fear, gale force winds of self doubt, snow storms of regret and being almost swept away by an avalanche of guilt.

As I climb on the mistakes become my friends, teachers on my quest. My mistakes become fewer, and now the path becomes more defined.

As I continued to climb I begin to notice the views.

Beautiful valleys full of joy, hillsides in full bloom with gratitude and the gentle breeze of love softly caressing my face. The climb, I thought, is well worth it.

I stop to rest, reflecting back on journey before pushing on. I am in awe of what I have seen and done.

Moving on, my pace quicken as I noticed time is quickly passing. It is twilight now and the colors of sunset are disappearing rapidly, the crest is near. I walk on.


mr mel


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