12 thoughts on “Original Sin

    1. Thought seems to be better to me. This indicates we have a choice. If it was the creator’s choice then the thought would be out or our hands. Thanks for the nitpick. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β™₯️😊

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      1. I guess that’s the difference between a sardonic deist (me) and a _________ (fill-in-the=blank you). In any case, I appreciate the Thought (pardon the pun).


  1. Our creator is deep inside us..we have to sail deep inside to unite with Him..that is the most important journey ever…
    Keep giving Mr.Mel.Your posts are awesome indeed!!β™₯️🌺πŸ₯€


  2. A very successful thought. We are destroying the world little by little. The environment, wars, etc., leave no doubt that we are in complete opposition to whoever created it.


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