Nature of Diversity


Look to nature to see true diversity. Sun and moon, sky and sea, grass and soil, grain and weed, flowers and thorns. 
It is this diversity that is the beauty of nature that we readily accept and celebrate. 
Is not being human a part of nature? 
By not accepting the diversity of humans we are missing out on one of the true beauties of nature.
mr mel 

16 thoughts on “Nature of Diversity

  1. So profoundly explained Mr.Mel…I agree with you ..acceptance of diversity is so important ..not only in the universe but also inside our own soul..keep creating my dear friend ⚘😊💕


    1. Especially inside the soul, it is though the acceptance of the soul that all becomes one. Thank you for commenting, you are always adding insightful and encouraging comments.🙏🙏😊❤️

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  2. That’s the main thing that we need to accept the diversity of humans around the globe as it is one of the important aspect that refreshes love, and peace between each other. A bunch of white flowers to you, bro! Great post, and gems strewn all over this post.


    1. Thank you Hussein. You comment provided insightful information. Unconditional love is the key, with it you come to know that we are all one. Nice to have you reading and commenting Hussein, you always provide encouraging and insightful comments.🙏😊❤️

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