Poetry is the voice of all of our ancestors, the common voice that speaks to all.

The voice of the soul gives raise to poetry, dark poems, poem of love, poem of nature’s beauty 

All express the poets place in time.

mr mel

16 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Thank you for expressing the importance of the poet in our human culture (no matter where or what the culture is). We all have poetry in us, just some have it buried deeper than others.


  2. Believe it or not, this made me laugh. All I could think of is a blogger I follow who does really improper Haiku and very raunchy limericks. They are SOOO bawdy, but they often make me laugh out loud…till my stomach hurts. So I guess that fits in somewhere, and he also has a “place in time. ” 🐉♥️🐲♥️🐉♥️🐲♥️🐲♥️🐉♥️🐲♥️🐉


      1. Afterwards.blog will get you there. I’m serious, he’s totally over the top. If you happen to make a comment there, tell him I sent you. Then don’t blame me if he offends the hell out of you. You have been warned! hahaha 🐉♥️🐲♥️🐉♥️🐲♥️🐲♥️🐉♥️🐲♥️🐉


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