Belief VS Reality


When beliefs override reality it is always humanity that suffers.

mr mel

4 thoughts on “Belief VS Reality

  1. What an apt quote for this political era. Oops, showing my leanings! Heaven help us all. Oh wait, that’s a quote for another potential belief vs. reality system. Isn’t it amazing how many of them are so pervasive in our language? A friend and I always say OMD! Short, of course, for “oh my dog!” Haha This is a great one, Mel. And spot on.


    1. My dear Linda, your comment clarified my belief and reality in you. I believed you were humorous in your writing. After reading this comment my reality is you are very humorous in your writing. 🙏🙏🙏❤️🐲❤️🐲❤️🐉❤️🐉❤️🐉

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