Help Wanted: A god

    The heart currently has an opening for a god! This is an equal opportunity position open to all. Must be able to love unconditionally  Must understand the concepts of right and wrong but be fully aware  that wrongs are only mistakes and mistakes lead to growth  Additionally, there is no record keeping of … Continue reading Help Wanted: A god


There are two distinct being, human and spiritual. We transition from the spiritual to the human at birth. Separation of the spiritual being from the human is only a perception. It is this perception that allows the human experience to be of value. At birth we begin the search to reunite with our spiritual being. This … Continue reading Searching

Dreary Day

Overcast, black and gray clouds, Saturated to the breaking point, Moisture begins to gently fall. I just washed my truck, A small sacrifice for spring flowers. Intensity has increased, Raindrops pounding on the awing, The drum beat of life. Water flows off the eves, Splashing  on the ground. Inside it is warm, delightful, Outside the … Continue reading Dreary Day


Purple to deep purple to black, night completes its fall. But  with night comes the wonders not visible in the light. The wisp of the crescent moon, the magnitude of stars, The depth of forever and the knowing of unknowing. In the solitude of darkness the heart takes flight, Be it with the love of … Continue reading Purple