Dreary Day

Overcast, black and gray clouds, Saturated to the breaking point, Moisture begins to gently fall. I just washed my truck, A small sacrifice for spring flowers. Intensity has increased, Raindrops pounding on the awing, The drum beat of life. Water flows off the eves, Splashing  on the ground. Inside it is warm, delightful, Outside the … Continue reading Dreary Day

The Best Outlier Around

  There was a boy call Tom and according to Tom's mom, He had a unusual trait, he could keep his face straight  As he would explain that he didn't do with a sigh. But Tom's mom knew all along it was a lie. So Tom join a club to show his stuff Many step forward … Continue reading The Best Outlier Around

The Magic Passport

A passport, like Aladdin's  magic carpet, Allows one  to travel the earth. To young to be on your own, can't afford the fare, There is another passport that can take you anywhere The passport of the imagination, Where will you travel with that? So buckle up, start your Imagination, blastoff, And enjoy the flight on … Continue reading The Magic Passport