Labels, so easy to apply, so difficult to remove. Nerd, geek, jock, drama queen, wealthy, homeless, beautiful, ugly. We label what we see before we know that which is behind the label. Seeing only the container  without ever knowing the content. What you see may not be what you get.   mr mel  

Conquering the mountain of life

I set out with resolve, assured and self confident, not knowing what I didn't know, this mountain has defeat many before. It will be a difficult climb. But climb, I must. Stepping out unguided and naive the climb begins. I mistakenly take many wrong paths because they looks easy. Discouraged  and fighting the desire to … Continue reading Conquering the mountain of life


Sitting on the edge of thought, wanting to let go. Leaning forward I fall, slowly drifting into thought without thought, clarity without seeing. Though the world swirls around me stillness is my cocoon, immersion  is complete I am at peace. Oh to remain this way, but I know that I must break out to become the butterfly … Continue reading Immerse