The State of Denial

  The State Of Denial, the most populated state in the world. It isn't hard to understand why when; The politician of the state always tell the truth, the environment is clean, hunger is unknown, and having the best of medical care, every one is healthy.  Men and women are treated equally in every regard, everyone has access … Continue reading The State of Denial

I Am A Champion

  To champion a cause Takes a great emotional effort. To become an athletic champion Takes a great physical effort. To become a champion in the eyes of a child Take both, emotional, physical as wells as a healthy dose of patience. When you succeed and become that champion  It will not be a gold … Continue reading I Am A Champion

The Cusp of Living

  Life before the cusp, The coming together of life and meaning. Searching for happiness,  Trying many sources, Nothing seeming to fit. Wealth, fame, education, The search went on. When the student is ready, It only took two words, Unconditional love. Arriving  at this point  I found clarity, The knowledge of no separation. That which … Continue reading The Cusp of Living

I Pause

Each day before dawn,  I pause, Taking time to leave the beauty of the outer world, I step in to reality. The reality of me, myself and I at peace, Not going round and round, just one, Not pushing and shoving, just one,  No one ahead or behind, just one. Now the true magnificence of … Continue reading I Pause

The Magic Passport

A passport, like Aladdin's  magic carpet, Allows one  to travel the earth. To young to be on your own, can't afford the fare, There is another passport that can take you anywhere The passport of the imagination, Where will you travel with that? So buckle up, start your Imagination, blastoff, And enjoy the flight on … Continue reading The Magic Passport

A Dangerous Territory

  The mind, a dangerous territory. With  many dark tunnels of guilt and regret  You can easily get lost, but enter you must. To find happiness. In the darkness you will find veins of memories, Containing diamonds of love and nuggets of joy. Though these are of great value you must go deeper. As you clear the … Continue reading A Dangerous Territory