Hope without action is like drinking ocean water for thirst. Nothing is as it seem, only as we see it. It is through the projector of your mind that you view your world. The key is remembering that you are the projectionist. There are no limits on your potential unless you place them. Be … Continue reading Rambling

The Thoughts Family

  The Thoughts family history goes way back. There have been Thoughts since the beginning of time. Probably the most notorious is Evil Thoughts. He is the troublemaker, always encouraging people to do dastardly deeds. Fortunately his older sister, Good, stays close to him to help minimizing the damage. The most outgoing in the family where the triplets  Humorous, … Continue reading The Thoughts Family

The State of Denial

  The State Of Denial, the most populated state in the world. It isn't hard to understand why when; The politician of the state always tell the truth, the environment is clean, hunger is unknown, and having the best of medical care, every one is healthy.  Men and women are treated equally in every regard, everyone has access … Continue reading The State of Denial

The Magic Passport

A passport, like Aladdin's  magic carpet, Allows one  to travel the earth. To young to be on your own, can't afford the fare, There is another passport that can take you anywhere The passport of the imagination, Where will you travel with that? So buckle up, start your Imagination, blastoff, And enjoy the flight on … Continue reading The Magic Passport