18 thoughts on “Being

  1. uh … I’m the only one here that doesn’t get it !!?? Being means not doing? I’m lost on this one, Mel … maybe it’s cause I’m away from home. : ) jan

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    1. Jan, when you are being happy you are happy, when you are doing (trying to be) happy you are not happy. Hope this clears it up for you. Where are you away to?🌷😚


      1. I understand … yes … that clears it up. I am physically still home. I am mentally away from my happiness. I am in a depressed period. I am sad. I am not writing. I am away from me. I have to get centered … I am not … well … in my mind. Thank you for asking, Mel. If you don’t see me writing … that’s why. I have cut down my correspondence with other bloggers. I am holding on to you, Mel … as always … you inspire and uplift me. Sincerely, jan

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      2. Jan, I am saddened by where you are, but because of that now is not the time to not be doing what you love doing. You have been through this be for, think back, what did you do, hear, see or think that triggered this event. What ever it was realize that it can only hurt you if you don’t confront it. You say you are holding on to me? Jan I am holding on to you. You are strength manifested. My life is a picnic compared to yours. Give yourself credit Jan and once again take control. I know you can do it. Your friend, mel. ❤️💐🌹

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  2. Bless you, Mel. I will think on this … I will really think and try to be still and quiet. I will go to my backyard critters for their peace. I will listen to that still small voice. Yes, I will come around … I always do. Again, bless you, my friend. Jan


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