Later Than What?


Later! What kind of prompt is later? Is this an April Fools joke?

 Later, what am I going to write about later?

I’m not really sure of what I am going to write now.

 Perhaps a love story.  

If he would have arrived later she would have been gone. 

 Perhaps a story of life and death.

As time move later into the night, he knew he would be taking his final steps.

 Perhaps a story of humor.

Really, it is a great joke, I sure you get it later.

 Or broken promises

She took his hand, gave his a soft kiss and promised she would return later. She never did.

 Nothing seems to work, there is not much you can do with later. The wheels are spinning but the words are failing me. Sooner or later I will need to write.


I think it will be later.


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