17 thoughts on “Fear

  1. That’s really true, feeling scared in a lot of matters in our life particularly death, it will increase our suffer rather than enjoying life. As a result, it will lead for not enjoying life fully. Logic words, Mr Mel! 🙂

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  2. Absolutely true; yet somehow also seems wrong…..
    For fear of anything that has not happened and may never happen is a waste of time. And to fear not living fully is to not live fully in that moment, and if you are not living fully, you are in a sense dying a little and by proxy, fearing death.
    You hit the nail on the head to not fear death, and again with the importance of living fully!!!
    Yet to fear at all, be it death or not living fully, seems to take away from living fully.

    I love how your posts are always so thought provoking! Just a few simple words have the ability to bring out so many complex and empowering thoughts from all your readers. My regular questions and thoughts are NEVER meant to contradict or diminish your incredible posts in anyway.

    It is through continued exploration and contemplation, expanding on your initial words, that ultimately ends up validating everything you say and erasing the questions or showing how your truths are relevant from all angles. And you most certainly always have a brilliant, enlightening answer to follow up and put quash to all my silly questions; solidifying your message in my heart and mind.

    There is no site that I have seen that does so much with so little (words)

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    1. Thanks again. I always appreciate all comment and use them to grow and improve what I write. Fear is used, in this case, as a motivator. Fear can freeze you in place or move you to action. Thank you so much for all your comments, they are always welcomed.

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