20 thoughts on “Age

    1. And the more of those numbers you accumulate the more you know, life has been, life is and life will always be a gift not confined to numbers. Thank you for visiting Cherylene.

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      1. A wonderful comment, make today a great one! It is so easy to forget that the day is ours to make of it what we wish. This day I will make great! Thank you Cherylene.

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  1. Yes I agree with u Mr.Mel
    I know very old people with child hearts and souls.And there are young people but they are very old inside!
    Your quotes are always great ..thanks for sharing !!

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    1. Soheir you statement is so true, age is knowing the innocent of youth, discovering the wisdom of aging and combining the two to experience all of the joys life. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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  2. Okey Dokey … you made me look up the word, belie. That’s so cool … I totally agree with your words, your ideas about age … and … AND … you taught me a new word as well !! Thanks, Mel. jan

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  3. I had to look up the word belie … good for you, Mel, you taught me a new word today … AND … I agree … age is just a number !!! May you have many many many more numbers. jan

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